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The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISLAB, participated, after receiving an invitation once again, in the TechSaloniki event. TechSaloniki emerged as a community building event bringing together people across the digital industries sector. It soon became Northern Greece’s bespoke tech gathering, supporting the region’s digital transition aiming to connect world-class tech companies, innovation outlets and academic institutions with talented jobseekers. This year the event was organized on Friday May 12-13, 2023. The organization took place in the M2 building of Thessaloniki's Concert Hall in the city's seafront. Entrance was open and free and lasted until very late of the day.

The ISLAB, members of staff and many students were in the academic corner, presenting the activities of the lab, including the DoSSIER project, giving leaflets etc. 

Towards the end of the first day, a workshop was organized in which all the partcipating univesities, research institutes and businesses presented their professional activities, research results. I, as the director of the ISLAB, presented the activities of the lab, with an emphasis on the presentation of our research projects including DoSSIER.


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This year, in late May 2023, the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISLAB, of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering participated, in the Beyond 2023 event ( During the last two years, BEYOND Expo acted as an international platform for exchanging views and ideas that explore the social and economic impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the multiple opportunities created in the evolving sector of technology. Although Industry 4.0 has brought incredible advances in our everyday life, as well as in the business sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, logistics’ optimization, IoT, additive manufacturing, robotics etc, there is still one aspect of the industry that needs to be highlighted:

The event took place on 24-26 MAY 2023 in the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION & CONGRESS CENTER of Thessaloniki. The Internationbal Hellenic University had a booth in BEYOND and an open invitation was made to academic and research units of the university to partcipate and present their results. The ISLAB responded to this call, and several members of teh lab including students, partcipated on the third day of the Beyond. We had a space in the university's booth presenting the activities of the lab, including the DoSSIER project, giving leaflets etc. 


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We participated as an invited research lab in the TechSaloniki 2022 event this year. Techsaloniki is an event taking place in our city, Thessaloniki that the last few years has been evolving into a technology hub. TechSaloniki is a gathering of tech companies and universities intending to outreach organizations as well as the tech professionals in the city to know each other. Each company gets a corner with a desk and its representatives are there to discuss the companies’ actions and everything else around technology, give dissemination material, provide information about studies, workplaces etc.

This year the ISLAB ( which is part of the International Hellenic University (IHU) got the entrance corner. The director of our lab prof. Salampasis gave a talk about our lab with a special reference to our project DoSSIER ( Many professionals, younger and more experienced were coming and asking about our actions and DoSSIER.

I also had the opportunity to move around and discuss at several corners with many other companies. We exchange opinions about the future technologies and how to meet them on time. I also didn’t lose the opportunity to disseminate DoSSIER and explain our goals and our collaboration. It was an awesome experience in which I met many people and understood the importance of the existence of a connection between research and industry. I hope to more similar events to learn new things and gain new experiences!

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 860721